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KEY: Improv Group (Hometown) – Improv Style or Show Name

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

THURSDAY, April 4, 7PM

Romantic Baby (Hartford, CT) – Monoscene
Albatross (Hartford, CT) – Improvised Genre Movie
Ross Childs (Chicago, IL) – One-Man Music Comedy

THURSDAY, April 4, 8PM

Dinosaur Police (Hartford, CT) – Competitive Shortform
The ’96 Bulls (New York, NY) – Montage
Winnipeg (Hartford, CT) – Harold

THURSDAY, April 4, 9PM

Rooster (Hartford, CT) – 3TRACK
Mercy Santos (New York, NY) – Thematic Macroscene
Brain’s Song (Hartford, CT) – World’s Dumbest Podcast


FRIDAY, APRIL 5th, 2019
Spotlight Theatres
39 Front Street, Hartford, CT

FRIDAY, April 5, 7PM

Less Lonely Boys (Hartford, CT) – Armando
Silly Stuff and Other Bits (Wakefield, RI) – What Comes Next?
Breakup Tattoo (Hartford, CT) – Deconstruction

FRIDAY, April 5, 8PM

Local Spot (Baltimore, MD) – Monoscene
Not in Charge (Hadley, MA) – Armando + Harold + Shortform
Lady Business (Hartford, CT / Denver, CO) – Monoscene

FRIDAY, April 5, 9PM

North Coast (New York, NY) – Anybody: An improvised hip-hop musical biography in the style of Hamilton!

FRIDAY, April 5, 10PM

Bait & Switch (Wakefield, RI) – Playful stories
Bird and Friends – Cosmic Unity (New York, NY) – Improv with the Audience
Blind Date (Hartford, CT) – Harold


Spotlight Theatres
39 Front Street, Hartford, CT

SATURDAY, April 6, 2PM

Slug Teeth (New Britain, CT) – Montage
Average Age 50 (Hartford, CT) – Monoscene
BOOP! (Bethel, CT) – Modified Monoscene
Breakfast Boys (New York, NY) – The Breakfast

SATURDAY, April 6, 3PM

Fairfield of Dreams (Westport, CT) – Organic
Horse Lincoln (Storrs ,CT) – La Ronde
Fruits and Veggies (Hartford, CT) – Musical Improv

SATURDAY, April 6, 4PM

The Buddy System (Hartford, CT) – Living Room Montage
Three Little Witches (New York, NY) – Organic Montage
Bear Skin Rug (Somerville, MA) – Close Quarters

SATURDAY, April 6, 5PM

Elemenopee (Winter Park, FL) – Tea Party Melange
Whiplash (Philadelphia, PA) – Harold
Part Time Lifeguards (Hartford, CT) – The Exit Interview, Improv Based on Your Job Stories

SATURDAY, April 6, 6PM

The Sister Wives (New York, NY) – Close Quarters
Keisha and Andrew (New York, NY) – The Breakup, a variation of a Spokane
Milk Money (Cambridge, MA) – Hip-Hop Montage

SATURDAY, April 6, 7PM

Bodega (Boston, MA) – Living Room Spokane
The Hardy Boys (San Diego, CA) – Musical Improv Mosaic
Sea Tea Improv Touring Company (Hartford, CT) – Armando

SATURDAY, April 6, 8PM

The Unmentionables (Burlington, VT) – Montage
Robopop! (New York, NY) – Hip-Hop Armando
Ghost Man on Third (New York, NY) – Montage

SATURDAY, April 6, 9PM

North Coast (New York, NY) – Improvised Hip-Hop Musical

SATURDAY, April 6, 10PM

Serious Theater with Real Actors (Wakefield, RI / Schenectady, NY) – Avant-garde Theatre on a Theme
KnucklePuck (Hartford, CT) – Organic Sound & Movement Montage
My Privacy (New York, NY) – High Energy Stream of Consciousness Cinematic Experience


SUNDAY, APRIL 7th, 2019
Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

SUNDAY, April 7, 3PM

Susan Be Anything (Syracuse, NY) – Harold
Rosétta Stone (Burlington, VT) – Harold
SHED (Hartford, CT) – Spokane

SUNDAY, April 7, 4PM

Kerplunk! (Somerville, MA) – Musical Improv Show for Kids
Sea Tea Improv Touring Company (Hartford, CT) – All-Ages Family Comedy Show

SUNDAY, April 7, 6PM

Robot Love (Hartford, CT) – Deconstruction
Improvised History (Cambridge, MA) – Narrative Inspired by a Historical Text
Mystery Switch (Hartford, CT) – Eventé

SUNDAY, April 7, 7PM

The Rumour Cauldron (Hartford, CT) – Narrative
The Parliament (Philadelphia, PA) – Harold
The Quarry (Cambridge, MA) – Spokane

SUNDAY, April 7, 8PM

HOBI (Hartford, CT) – Montage
History of the Future (Hartford, CT) – TV Show Harold
The Superlative Theater (Peekskill, NY) – Armando
Sea Tea Improv Touring Company (Hartford, CT) – Armando