Hartford Improv Festival & COVID-19

To our wonderful performers, students, partners, and audiences,

Our business is to delight and surprise our audiences, and unfortunately, this announcement will do neither. Due to COVID-19, Sea Tea Improv will cancel the 2020 Hartford Improv Festival. In doing so, we are joining many other community institutions in a collective effort to limit potential exposure to this virus. The heart and soul of improv comedy is support– doing what’s best for the scene. As we often say in our classes, sometimes the best support move you can make is staying offstage.

Although it was a very difficult decision, we would rather pull back than put our beloved community at risk.

  • The Hartford Improv Festival, scheduled for April 2-5, 2020, will be cancelled entirely. The festival draws big crowds and performers from all over the country, so unfortunately, it is too risky to hold. We look forward to rolling all of our ideas and effort into next year’s fest. Refunds will be available to all levels of ticket buyers.

We recognize that improv, and many other arts, are a vital source of community, laughter, and relief. We also hope to take this opportunity to be truly creative and figure out some ways to make great comedy without congregating in a theater. Joy is our job, and we take it seriously.

All questions can be directed to comedy@seateaimprov.com

As improvisers, we are a team, ready to adapt, support, and be ready for anything. Please join us in protecting the most vulnerable in our community with preventative measures. We’ll see your healthy and happy faces in the theater as soon as possible.


The Owners of Sea Tea Improv (Dan, Greg, Julia, Summar and Vlad)

Read the full announcement at https://seateaimprov.com/coronavirus

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